Léo Ecrepont
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Ma priorité est la satisfaction de mon client.

Here is a sample of the projects I realized to dynamize the activity of my clients. The satisfaction of my client is at the center of my work and I am happy to communicate and to learn everyday about the activity of the people I work with.

  • portfolio image International web development for Flexomatic

    International web development for Flexomatic

    I am currently working on Flexomatic.app, a start-up in digital technologies, which is developing an app that allows to work more efficiently on Amazon Flex (a kind of Uber for deliveries). I took over on the website part, in which I improved the SEO. I created new content and internationalized the website in spanish. I now work on the API, which allows the communication between the database and the app.

    Type of service: WebDesign Back-end Internationalization SEO

  • portfolio image Management of a database of reports with custom software

    Management of a database of reports with custom software

    I programed a software for the analyze of automated test results in my former job as an engineer in the automotive industry. The software gathers the results that are initially stored in HTML format at each step of the test, and classifies them in a database. Thanks to my software, my colleagues and myself were able not only to quickly correct some of the results but also to have a great insight on the evolution of our test architecture and on the device under test.

    Type of service: Software GUI Database

  • portfolio image Test automation of a web application

    Test automation of a web application

    I programmed a robot that allows to simulate the human behaviour on the website and the app of my client. Thanks to this program, we permanently test the website and its back-end to monitor its functionalities after each update. Some of the features under test are linked to a Database, an emergency call portal, or even directly to the vehicle and thus need complex operations to be coded.

    Type of service: Automation Test Web-analyze Diagnostic

  • portfolio image Creation of a website with e-commerce

    Creation of a website with e-commerce

    I created the website kalina-sarre.fr and its online shopping part for a client working in the field of nutrition for cats and dogs. This was my first online shopping website and I learned a lot about e-commerce and CMSs. This project allowed me to be creative and I had to design some graphical elements. Have a look at the result!

    Type of service: WebDesign SEO E-commerce Boutique CMS