Léo Ecrepont
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Je mets en place des solutions informatiques sur mesure pour transformer votre business.

Digital technologies have never been as important as today. For your activity, digitilazation is a virage à ne surtout pas manquer! Les outils informatiques permettent plus de visibilité, de productivité, resulting in a significant increase of your profitability.

The services I offer correspond to my profession and schoolings in engineering, but also to my autodidact learnings in the fields of Web technologies.

Find out the details of the services I can offer to my clients.

International Web development

International Web development

Any needs for a customized website, offering specific functionalities like a user login, an e-commerce platform, an administration, or simply a showcase? You want to display some multilingual content? I use the programming language and technologies of Instagram and Spotify [...] to create handmade Web Applications.

  • Internationalization

    I can create your website in another or more languages. Indeed, I speak fluently French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Finally, I can benefit from a network of translators to extend the portability of your Website.

  • Responsive Design

    According to the statistics, it is nowadays essential that the content of your website may adapt to all the different tablet and smartphone dimensions. I create your web application accordingly! New: I now use design frameworks for even prettier and modern designs!

  • Complex Web Applications

    If you have important and specific needs, you are in good hands, because I am a real craftman. I will offer you a great diversity of solutions that we can set up to create your own online "software". We call them Web Apps.

  • Showcase Website

    A Showcase Website like mine is essential to stand out on the internet, it allows the internet users to find you, get acquainted and contact you.

Software development

Software development

I design and create customized softwares of lesser or greater complexity that allow to automatize and simplify common task, and thus allow you to increase your efficiency and profitability. Examples are database management, data collecting, automation of mails or web browser... I offer you the solution to save your time.

  • Customized software

    We analyze together your needs and those of your business, to eliminate or facilitate the repetitive tasks. I then offer you tailored and innovative solution. Your time is precious, let us save it!

  • Management software

    Management softwares are linked to a database and allow you to monitor your stock, your goods, or your tasks... they can also be about a customized Customer Relation Management.

  • Technical software

    Technical softwares are designed together with a specialist in a precise domain. They integrate a great variety of parameters of the job in a complete tailored solution. The integration to a pre-existing electronic system may be feasible!



I am an engineer in electronics and I worked 3 years in the domain of system testing in the german automotive industry. I am able to bring you my expertise on technical subjects in software development, teste engineering, electronics, power electronics...

  • Agile Development

    Agile Development is a set of habits and techniques used in Software Development to improve efficiency and teamwork. I am used to work using Agile techniques, and I can help implementing the Agile strategy in a team.

  • Test Engineer

    I have a good experience in the field of IT Testing and Quality, thanks to my Engineering experience for a great German car manufacturer. I implement the validation and continuous integration of your project.

  • Electronics and embedded systems

    I help you to conceive and interface your electronic devices. I worked as an engineer in embedded systems, particularly on communication protocols of the OSI model.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

The Information Technologies entered in the era of the Big Data, in which the exploitation of Data in a specific domain can bring an important competitive advantage to your activity. I extract, transform and organize the data to make possible their commercial exploitation.

  • Organize the Data

    I set up the tools and write the scripts to fill up the data structures that I have designed, in order to organize the data you wish to exploit. The data is easy to read and to access.

  • Data extraction

    The extraction consists in analyzing your needs of data for the development of your business or product, and to set up a technical or computed solution to extract those data.

  • Exploitation of data

    You have some data? Let's start using them to value them with a custom Dashboard to represent them. You will be able to visualize them to take better decisions or benefit from intelligent suggestions for your business.

SEO and Marketing

SEO and Marketing

I improve your Search Engine Optimization in Google and others to guarantee you more visibility on the internet. I also implement the best marketing tools and teach you how to use them to understand your clients and improve your conversion rate!

  • Pay for SEO

    I offer you to pay sponsored Google Adwords and I implement your advertising campaign, to guarantee you an increased visibility and traffic on your website.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    I create your Website and adapt it to the search criteria used by the search engines, in order to place you as far up as possible in the results lists.

  • Digital marketing tools

    The digital marketing tools allow you to precisely analyze your lead and its actions on your website, by collecting data. I set up those tools and help you analyze the results.

  • Chat and CRM tools

    Consists in the integration of a chat to your website, such as the one developed by Facebook messenger. The integration with a CRM tool is also possible.

Advice and training

Advice and training

You are developping a tech product? You create your own Start-Up in the digital economy, or you are diversifying/improving your activity by digitalizing it? I have the necessary experience to help you setting up the tools and techniques that will guarantee your success.

  • Technical Support

    We analyze your needs together and we discuss about the different available technical solutions (programming language, libraries, cloud, tools...) for your project. I will then suggest you a strategy to develop for your product.

  • In a team

    You would like to offer me a mission in an international team? No problem, I will easily fit in, thanks to my work experiences abroad and my ease with foreign languages.