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  • International Web development

    International Web development

    Any needs for a customized website, offering specific functionalities like a user login, an e-commerce platform, an administration, or simply a showcase? You want to display some multilingual content? I use the programming language and technologies of Instagram and Spotify [...] to create handmade Web Applications.

  • Software development

    Software development

    I design and create customized softwares of lesser or greater complexity that allow to automatize and simplify common task, and thus allow you to increase your efficiency and profitability. Examples are database management, data collecting, automation of mails or web browser... I offer you the solution to save your time.

  • Engineering


    I am an engineer in electronics and I worked 3 years in the domain of system testing in the german automotive industry. I am able to bring you my expertise on technical subjects in software development, teste engineering, electronics, power electronics...

  • Data Engineering

    Data Engineering

    The Information Technologies entered in the era of the Big Data, in which the exploitation of Data in a specific domain can bring an important competitive advantage to your activity. I extract, transform and organize the data to make possible their commercial exploitation.

  • SEO and Marketing

    SEO and Marketing

    I improve your Search Engine Optimization in Google and others to guarantee you more visibility on the internet. I also implement the best marketing tools and teach you how to use them to understand your clients and improve your conversion rate!

  • Advice and training

    Advice and training

    You are developping a tech product? You create your own Start-Up in the digital economy, or you are diversifying/improving your activity by digitalizing it? I have the necessary experience to help you setting up the tools and techniques that will guarantee your success.

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